About Us

1747Lydia and Mario Hidalgo started A Brothers in April 2003 and incorporated in January 2010.  The name A Brothers refers to their two sons Alex and Aaron. They also have three daughters, Danitza, Mariah  and Kassandra.

The Hidalgo’s embody the definition of  “family owned and operated” with  Mario and Lydia being both the back and front office of A Brothers operations.  Working side by side as husband and wife takes a special relationship, and the Hidalgo’s definitely have that.  They have no problem telling you they are a team, but depend heavily on their experienced staff as well.
Mario has been in and around the road business since 1991.  A summer job working the flags, quickly turned into one promotion after another, until he found himself as a division manager for a large company in El Paso.  Soon after, Mario found his entrepreneurial spirit, and with the help and support of his wife, family and God,  A Brothers was formed.